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When I close mine eyes for the very last time.

Jesus Christ walks with me.

Jesus Christ Loves The Unborn Children Throughout The World.

Act Justly Love Mercy Walk Humbly

We are called

L is for Love collection January 23, 2020

poems of January 22, 2020

When I first enter my heavenly promise land.

If you want to have a friend why not be one?

This time next year.

I believe in you.

I believe in you.

Poems of 2019

Why not be, "kinder than necessary."

Always remember,"have courage and be kind."

Please realse me!

Just for today.

Whenever I feel all alone

Jesus Christ, please release me.

350 Degrees

350 Degrees

If I only could.

Happy 64th birthday 2018!

Poetry collection of recent poems 2018

Help is on the way.

Phone home.

Life is just a brief whisper in the wind.

A new life in Christ Jesus!

Where have my poetry accounts gone?.

Young men of wrongful courage and conviction.

Whenever we call, Jesus Christ will answer us.

Come and worship the LORD!

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I  know I can

I know I can continue writing poetry 111 on  my own personal site.
I am grateful this bountiful site is free courtesy of poets
able to pay their monthly fees.  Since I exist on a fixed monthly income (SSI)
it does not apply to me.  I have been on this site since about 2013,  About
the length of time I have been on my other sites, but Poetry.com.

I have been able to access some of my older poems on Poetry.com.  The same thing applies
to Poetry poem,  Since Yahoo made my get an updated e-mail address, I do not know, if all of my
former poems will be available on any site.  I am grateful for the ones that are.
Since I am returning this chrome book to its former owner in May 2016, I am not going to
store any poems.  I have been storing them on the various websites.

For the many blessings I have I owe to Jesus Christ for giving me the ability to type. I do not have
to worry about typing correctly, nor looking at the keyboard.  There is nobody timing me, nor
commented on wasted key storks, or looking over my shoulder.  Neither is any body paying me any money.
Either for typing, or for composing poetry.  It is a labor of love which I do gladly as long as I am able to
do so. Once I was younger, but now I am growing older.  October 4, 2016, I will tum 62!  I am planning on growing
older grace fully! Thank God I still live in a country with the freedom to write poetry!

Love as always!
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
aka Roxy54/ October Country.
April 29, 2016
April's National Poetry Month

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I know I can



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