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My goddess in a bath

Oftentimes as I sit here with my pen waiting

To write, my thoughts turn to you. I know so

Much about you, your stocking size, bra size

Dress size, glove size, ring finger size...all this

Intimate detail, yet the one thing I should know

I don't know.


Where did you go, how did I lose you? I write

of love yet love evades me, escapes my grasp

Runs through my fingers as quicksilver. The

Moon is rising now and once upon a time at

This late hour I would hear you breathing and

Faint tick of the clock on the bedside table, the

Bedroom door always ajar, lovers always within

Sight of one another.


So many memories, so much to look back on,

So much to regret. Who knows why a heart is

So fragile, so easy to bend, so easy to break,

I can still feel you arms around me, your lips

On my cheek, and the shower stills drips as it

Once did when my goddess in a bath called

For a towel, a glass of wine or a cuddle.


Oh, such is love. Here today gone tomorrow,

But I will always have my memories, the

Summer nights when you slept naked, the

Beaches of France, the beauty I could raise

Above my head and run for miles or at least

To the nearest sand dune. Your artistic glow,

Your warmth, your daring, your love, all quite

Beyond measure, b
ut alas no more. The room

Is at 70°, yet there i
s a chill in the air and my

Loss e
verywhere I look, my chagrin complete.


© Joseph G Dawson