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Rainbows round the corner

Rainbows round the corner, good luck on the way,

The sun's come out, the rain has stopped,

This could be your lucky day.

There ain't no earthly reason why you should be left out,

The Good Luck Plant's on overtime an' they're doublin'

Staff right now.


There's a bright star in your future, no crystal ball required,

My word's my bond, I've seen it done, just try right place, right time.

Don't waste your life on tedium good luck won't come to you,

Fortune favours winners with a mind set to 'can do.'


So drop that gloomy outlook, shift out of 'can't do' gear,

Buff up your grin, stick out your chin, your fortune changes here.

Good luck is like a penny, balanced on the edge,

All you need is a little belief and you'll always come up heads.


© Joseph G Dawson