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Sirens wailing so loud in my ear and flashes of light I see coming through the window,

Wrapped up like a two-bit hustler with the scent of a bimbo.

The verbal assault of words being thrown at me in all directions,

I must of missed all my flights and no near by connections.

I am being called everything in the book...

Weird...Crazy...Unstable...Space Cadet...

I am unlike anything you have ever met!

The constant repetition of that exceedingly and terrifying one syllable word...


Ringing and deafening in this small space illusion called reality,

Nothing but the mundane routines that I feel is in actuality,

I no longer wish to be apart of this...I am not an attendee.

Riding the wave of this odyssey,

I am not Moby Dick nor the captain,

I am confined to "A" prison...seemingly vortex that I am strapped in.

A Non-Factor trying too much to control me,

My essence, my spirit, my every wake and move,

GET OUT OF MY WAY...I do not need for you to ever approve.

Screaming, crying and wanting to get out of this cocoon,

I just want my new beginning like that of a new moon.

I see my endless possibilities but you block me like a typhoon.

Everything just suddenly stops...feeling of hands pushing me around,

Pulling, gripping, slapping....and the ultimate physical insult,


The pin prickling of unsteady pounds per inch,

That I have to endure but makes me clinch...

Tighter to what I know to be true,

Internally never beaten but externally  I am blue,

I am sorry but You will never get thru,

When are you going to get the f****** clue?

Presented to this space unfinished and all encasing,

But the hope I see coming through the windows is refreshing and breath taking.

"They" must of placed me in the wrong atmosphere,

For I make my plans to escape and forever disappear.

This od~ys~sey is truly something that is odd to see,

A beautiful anomaly so few get to understand like trying to obtain a master's degree.

In this space forever to be studied until it comes time for my departure,

Maybe this will be your wake up call and my kick starter.

Leave me to my place of restful consciousness,

Because you fail to embrace who I am is always your consequence,

No fault of my own I say with full confidence.

Stay where you are and work on your issues,

Yet your own saga continues.

Mmmm your odd to see is nothing more than my od~ys~sey floating freely,

I am a free spirit but you cannot understand that completely.

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