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The Sale Pitch

They were fruits from heaven it seemed, hand pick from God, then one spoke and said.  
   "Here I am my love. I am pure and ripe. My skin is as smooth as silk and juices are as sweet as honey. I am bright, red, and tasty. God has anointed your eyes to see me, come pull my stem and I'll be yours forever."
Then another said,
   "Don't listen to her, she's rotten!"
She shouted,
   "But God has heard my prayers. If you would take me from among these vines I'll show you another dimension. Please let my juices captivate your mind and taste steal your heart. Drink my juices and you'll never want another. I'll go down as smooth as ice and play beautiful songs in your soul, come, taste and see."
   "It's me whom you seek my darling.
Spoke the third one.
For apples make you sick, and those grapes are sour, but I'm gentle and soft, within me lies paradise, peel me and see the heavens. I am as pure as the sun, full and glorious. Squeeze me and I will sprinkle you with a sweet scent. Come and let us enjoy the heavens together."
Then the first one replied.
   "True dreams are from God and the fair ones are never forsaken. Your hands were made to hold me my love. My skin is not rough neither is my shape awkward, even the angels adore me."
"Stop your foolish talking, you been in the sun to long!
Screamed the third one.
   "For everybody know you have been picked over and touched by everybody in the land, but I am as pure as a new born baby. I have kept myself from everyone until now for you."
Then the second one said.
   "Both of you lack moisture, your skins are as dry as a prune and there's not a scale made that's able to hold you up. You both have been here so long even the worms have gotten tired of you. But I am as easy going as a butterfly and as light as the clouds in the sky."
   "Why then its that basket you're sitting in crying for help and that table continually groaning for relief?"
Said the first one.
    "But God himself raised me. He even commanded the dust to go in another direction because of me. Even the sun shines with envy and the moon glows with jealousy. I am the apple of his eye!"
   "Lying to yourself is the worse lie that can be told. You've been here so long even your wrinkles have a retirement plan."
Said the second one.
   "When my grandmother was young you was full grown. But me, I am the tears of joy from God and the one who takes me will never hunger again."
So they went back and forth until seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into an hour. Then I said to myself, I'll pick this nice quiet watermelon, big her body but sweet her heart. When they saw they weren't picked they became furious, then one said.
   "He must have a seeing deficiency!"
And the other one said.
   "It's obvious he's mentally challenged!"
And the third one shouted.
    "And I bet his breath stinks and he probably only takes a bath when it rains!"
They became very bitter and started burning with rage until they begin to sweat. When the sweat started steaming from rejection their skins dried up, then they rotted away and died.

Copyrights 1998
Robert Anthony James

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The Sale Pitch