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The demon Chapter

Smoke seen rising from the woods,

When someone, somewhere, cried 'Hey look!'

'A spell's been cast, it don't look good,

The Demon Chapter's woken up'.


The town's gone quiet, the curtains closed,

They know the signs round here of old,

The dog's laid eggs, the cat's had pups,

The Demon Chapter's woken up.


They prayed the sun might not go down,

That light would last at least 'til dawn,

But nothin' doin', no such luck,

The Demon Chapter's woken up.


To walk amongst them power restored,

Casting evil spells abroad,

A canny force thought gone for good,

'Twas so, 'til someone dug it up.


Folks thought back to ancient times,

To words writ large across the sky,

Writ large to make the world look up,

To see the coming of The Book.


The Book of Dark and Evil Deeds,

That spoke of things they dare not read,

As pages turned the folks turned white,

A shadow fell from chapter five.


A shadow smooth and slick as silk,

That dwelt amongst them breeding ill,

That promised much but brought them naught,

Friendships failed and lovers fought.


A shadow-trap was set with hooks,

To lure the shadow to the book,

And on a night that's best forgot,

They hit it with a spade for luck.


Then to the woods they promptly ran,

To dig a hole deep as they can,

Into this pit they cast the book,

And hammered in a final touch.


A spike of iron cast thick and black,

They rammed it in from front to back,

No hand of man could turn a page,

Thus from the shadow they felt saved.


But as in life and as in books,

There's always something overlooked,

A fox out hunting with her pups,

Dug The Demon Chapter up.


The spike fell out the book alive,

The pages spun to chapter five,

A shadow out to kick some butt,

The Demon Chapter's woken up.


© Joseph G Dawson