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Jaded Angel

Some things are easily said then being done,

But what do you do when you run out of options and the feelings weigh a ton?

Do you try and stuff back where they came from?

Or act like they do not exist and go completely numb?

Too many times life has shown both sides of its face to me,

And has cut me so deep that it makes me feel like a unwilling amputee.

I never asked for things to be cut or stopped altogether,

Life tried to wrap me in less than pleasant imitation leather.

Trying to press through this in between point,

Roller coaster of emotions day in and  day out...smoked liked a joint.

Decisions, decisions...constantly racking my brain,

Like washing a white shirt to clean out all the blood stains,

Stains of disappoint, doubt and fear...

I am so ready to go to a distant galaxy, a new atmosphere.

Jaded Angel...I never want to become,

Because the waiting game trying to rip my wings wanting me to succumb,

Tasting like old and nasty bubble gum,

Lost of favor and joy in its mouth-watering action,

I am ready to heal this broken fraction.

Me and you feeling on opposite sides of this music track,

We are never meant to end and essentially fade to black,

But we need to give each other some much required feedback.

Break the cycle of your daily routine,

Your always on autopilot and pumped full of gasoline,

That when you run out you need more caffeine.

Jaded Angel...running out of patience,

A whole new level of frustration,

I swear I am going to turn into a mental patient!

Everything in me screaming to f***** quit,

But that feeling maybe even counterfeit,

And something else forces me to recommit.

To you and what you are trying to do,

Please do not make me fool and everything just falls through,

Because I will cut you through and through in different ways you thought you knew.

Jaded Angel...do not hurt me,

That is my only wish and heartfelt plea.

Copyright © 2016

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