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Mistress of the Dead Iguana

This poem is a collaboration between myself and a good friend of mine.
It was created as one liners texted back and forth between us.
The title, Mistress of the Dead Iguana, comes from a couple of stories
on my other website, www.storypen.com/bladesong.

Beware the nefarious lizards leer!
In your heart it shall strike fear.
Upon your sleeping form they creep;
Your soul they seek to take and keep!

Once they feed, they leave but a hollow shell,
Leering maliciously as they drag your soul to hell.
All the while your mind is dazed,
Their Mistress' plans are truly crazed.

Methodically they dull all conscious thought,
Til your futile resistance is reduced to naught.
The Mistress stirs in fevered dreams
Of twisted lust and piercing screams.

Haunting nightmares of atrophy and decay,
Fuel her desire to stalk her prey.
Countless horrors she doth incite
To slumbering souls on the darkest night.

Through fevered dreams she lures her prey,
While she readies her minions to rend and slay.
In silent stillness she slithers near,
Chilling hearts with nameless fear.

Crawling though their dreams with ill intent,
Draining their strength til the last drop is spent.
Beware the lurking leezards of the night!
They seek to rend, they seek to bite!

They first ensnare you with their wiles,
Then flash their wicked leezard smiles!
So fortify your soul with 'Guana brew,
Lest lurking leezards come for you!

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Mistress of the Dead Iguana