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In Consequence

As an ex regular soldier I did as I was told, at the whim of the Politicians.  
This poem does not in any way reflect on those brave soldiers of both Nations, who lost their lives or suffered disabilities in doing their duty, following flawed orders.  
From one Veteran to another, from UK to USA, brothers in arms, utmost RESPECT.

This poem was inspired by the plight of those refugees stuck in the camps in Europe


You came uninvited to my country

You Brits and you Yanks

Swiftly invading with

Your 'copters, 'planes and tanks.

You deposed our leader

Overturned our way of life

And then you departed leaving

Behind you chaos and strife.


You took it upon yourselves 

To continue to interfere

Disrupting stable regimes

Year after year after year.

There is a sea of chaos caused

 By your self seeking acts:

The flood of fleeing refugees 

Being one of the resulting facts.


You watch us flee in terror,

Risk our lives with people traders

And then you close your borders

Call us unwanted invaders.

We live in your camps, which,

Basic as they are  we find

So much more preferable

To the horrors we've left behind.

Our countries disintegration caused

By the barbarians fighting there

While you bury heads in the sand

And show no remorse or care.

You interfered

You won, we lost 

And you left us 

To meet the cost.


In those camps 

We just exist

Our lives near gone

Like early morning mist.

Will your so called democracies

In time learn to accept the blame

For the grief and tragedy you've caused

Supposedly in Democracy's name.


Ever too willing and too hasty

To bully, and to fight

Will you ever learn:

Might is not always right.

The systems you overturned

Killed and maimed far far less

Than those lives lost and disrupted

 Because of your resultant mess.


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In Consequence