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My heart heard her

Speak without forethought, put your palm to

Your breast, feel your heart, then tell me there

Is a place for me in your life... And the silence

Was  d


Not for everyone is life a beach or a bowl of

Cherries, for some reason, let’s call it luck

Of the draw, there are those who find their

Feet and fortune seemingly without effort,

Whilst there are those who might spend a

Good portion of their late teens and beyond

Struggling to fit in, appearing completely

Unable to find gainful occupation that suits

Their temperament and their ability to grasp

A skill, thus turning a pretty penny. ‘Oh, he or

She’s a loner,’ may often find its way in their

Direction, grossly unfair and in many ways

Not true at all, when a deeper insight might

Reveal need only of a good dose of purpose

And inspiration from the likes of a mentor, plus

A focus trained outwardly rather than inwardly.


Being unable to find one’s forte, one’s tempo,

One’s place in life is depressing, disorientating,

And lonely. Always on the outside looking in,

Never part of the crowd, never enough money

To widen an increasingly narrow horizon. Is it

Any wonder then that despair sets in, self-doubt

Proliferates and the long finger of penury



In light of this I had a dream, and in that dream

I met a beautiful woman whilst walking in a

Garden. ‘If you are lonely come this way’ she

Said. ‘Take my hand and let us sit quietly for a

While, there is no need for sudden alarm, my

Aim is to be your companion, your guardian

Against loneliness, and your comfort in dark



There are countless reasons why you should

Not to be lonely, but misfortune and time have

Tired your Soul, friends few, opportunity nil.

Never thought of as worthy, you have become

An island of sorrow, a deserted place of few

Visitors and even fewer who bother to recall.


But, let us not judge the past, you have the

Future at your disposal and time to rejoice

In the hillock of possibilities that remain.

There is much in this world worthy of your

Attention. Look up instead of down, smile

Away your frown, cast off the garments that

No longer fit. You have a worth in this world

And whatever you wish to be, you will be.


Peace will come soon enough and I will

Guard you until we meet again in another

Place in another time. Take comfort in the

Fact that you are on a journey that has no

End, you will not be lonely forever for I

Will always be with you.


With that she was gone and with her went

Loneliness. Was she an angel, a spirit, a

Messenger? Who can tell, perhaps all three,

But it matters not. It was a dream so beloved

Of wise men of ancient times, and I may too

Join their ranks becoming a believer in dreams

Myself, dreams in which a beautiful woman

Spoke to my heart and my heart heard her.


Did a dream improve my life? Oh Yea, very

Much so, for I kept finding myself in the right

Place at the right time. Watch out for me when

Shopping, I’m on the jar with the winning smile -

Healthy stuff too.


© Joseph G Dawson