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I Come Here For Nothing

"I Come Here For Nothing"
Written by Live Loi in 2009
And revised in 2015

I don't know what to do
In here is a tough life
I wish I am a wife
And so that I can get help
But I am the only one,
Which means I get no help
But to aggress by getting help myself

I wish I could get a big help
But I come here for nothing
What am I supposing to do?
And how can I deal with the people who color me blue?

I ask myself, ‘Why am I here?'
‘And who is willing happy to help me?'
No one is willing happy to help me
And that is why I come here for nothing
All the pain that I can feel
I feel like the things are not real

Because of it's so hard for me
To trust anybody in the world
They are dishonest and disrespect to me
Because of they want to possess my stuff
And they don't think about my future new stuff

How can I manage the manipulation?
I'm worthless to see no one support me
That is why I come here for nothing
I feel all alone and I whine for you, don't you see?
All by myself I have to cope by dealing with these difficulties
My words are dark and I don't want them to make you feel sad
But you know how I feel; I feel mad

‘Cause I come here for nothing
I walk for nothing, I walk for nothing
I am not happy with having a hard life
Instead, I want to have a simple life
But truly, I come here for nothing!