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Mayfly Flies, OK!!

An Ancient species

That began

Long before 

The advent of man,

They live their life

Mostly under water 

Growing up stronger

Just like they oughter,


Then comes the day

Of the breeding stage

They transform twice

 And come of age.

Up in a swarm

No time to wait

 Grasping a female

They then mate.


Overwhelmed by

Their situation 

Overcome by act 

Of copulation

They fall to earth

And pass away

Having existed 

For just one day.


The females, maybe

A little stronger

To lay eggs, live

Just a little longer. 

They exist for love

Those little Mayfly;

They couple to breed

And then they die.


Floating on the water 

They provide a dish 

For the eagerly waiting

Voracious fish.

But, eggs hatch 

And then 

That whole life cycle

Starts off again.


Species come and go

Each have their day,

Very few have lasted

As long as they.

Compared to them

Our life is slow

But in truth, man,

What a way to go.


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Mayfly Flies, OK!!!