Shining Stars

Shining Stars                May 28, 2016

The stars shine down from up above

They shine for Ireland the people they love

Every star has a special place

For irish people and the Irish race

Every child that died in our country dear

A little star will shed a tear

Every martyr killed or forced to die

Other stars will also cry

The stars in the sky each one knows why

The irish nation, a mothers cry

Ten stars shone bright on a Belfast night

For the ten who died in the dark of night

Eight stars did shine God Bless loughall

The boys were taken, they answered the call

The starry plough shines in the sky

Connolly died, we still ask why

Thirty two stars shine for you and me

Many more will shine when Irelands free

The stars shine down from up above

they shine for Ireland and the people they love

Gerrard McGeachy

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