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Lost on the streets of Liverpool

Looking for the Mersey Sound

But all I seemed to find

Was a quiet, stony ground.

Over in New York

John Lennon had died

And The Pool music scene

Had closed down and cried.

I'd never been a Beatle fan

But I was sad all the same

Although to me they were

Really just a name

One of the many groups

That seemed to abound

When music was dominated

By that Mersey Sound.

We've since lost George

Ringo is looking tired
And it really is time 

Paul Macartney retired.

But all these years later

I sing She Loves You with the rest

So have to admit they

Passed the longevity test.

So much speculation 

About what might have been

If the Beatles hadn't dominated

That Swinging Sixties scene.

Liverpool has changed

Yet in many ways the same

The Beatles always synonymous

With that great City’s name.

And those same Beatles songs

From that magic yesterday 

Are still being recorded 

By top artist of today.




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