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What makes me love you?

What makes me love you I know not what,

But what I know is that I've got, to take you

In my arms each night envelope, squeeze

Turn on the light, for in the dark I cannot

See and feel is not enough for me. I must

Have sight to fill my jug, drink of your love

Until I'm drunk.


What makes me love you hard to say, it's

Something in the special way, you look at

Me and tempt my thoughts, a smaller nightie

Never bought. But more than that you spark

My clogs, raise my wanting, turn my cogs,

Call me in a voice so soft, 'get in here now

My nightie's off.’


What makes me love you gosh who knows,

Might be the way you're built and so, I've no

Resistance, no defence, I have to come when

Called to bed. I come because I need to feel

A woman moving close to me, a sincere heart

A gentle touch - what makes me love you?

Love my love.


© Joseph G Dawson