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In the light of day

Notable how a particular light of day may

Conjure up the past, a special kind of light,

At special times, when light joins forces with

Time and weather to conjure up conditions

That only a heart can remember. A certain

Summer evening glow, just after sunset, when

A warm breeze interrupts the silence of the

Hour, transporting a heart back through the

Decades to another time, in another place,

In another’s arms,


The present ceases to be as every iota of time

And place recovers, nothing has been lost and

nothing has been left out, everything is as it was

Long ago, including the ghost of the girl, her eyes

Fixed to yours, her heart at a loss to understand.

Silly really in these modern times finding oneself

Streaming back to a time when hearts were young

And love younger still. Close your eyes and there

You are, back on the street where she lived. A

Light that never lies, nor does it hide from the truth.

Yes, it may hurt, but in the hurting it also heals,

Allowing the heart to take stock of the loss and

Perhaps find forgiveness striking an accord with

One’s inner self.


Outwardly, nothing for the casual observer to

See, but for the heart in regret, a certain relief,

A place to hide and recover, a place to forget

The bad times for there were many, but in the

Flood of this unique light, all is forgiven and only

The good times remain; wherein time and light

Fashions a beautiful girl, on a canvas of love,

Every brush stroke alluring, every detail

Captured to perfection.


All in the imagination of course, but real enough

To a lonely heart. Grasp what you can, while you

Can, for soon like a rainbow, the light will fade

And be gone, archived in the heart for the next

Time light contrives to reflect the past in the light

Of day.


© Joseph G Dawson