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Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord
By cubby Brickhouse Cox
Praise the Lord from all blessings flow.
The Lord, in His wisdom, has provided for us an escape from the bad things that happen.
In His love, He is ever near us to make sure we are well cared.
It is the Lord that guides us into all the things we do on a daily basis.
The joy of the Lord is something we can't do without.
It is something for us to travel this sod and know the will of Jesus.
Forgiving one another of our wrongdoings and forgetting the errors we commit.
It is a great joy for us to be free from the pangs of sin and look to God for the answers He has for us.
May we be contented and happy to know the veryGod of the Bible.
Knowing He will deliver us from the sin that so easily besets us.
Making sure in our hearts of a Heavenly Kingdom that we will reside one day to come.
Knowing always that the Lord is always right in everything He does.
Forgiving one another of the wrongdoings and giving glory to God are synonymous in my way of thinking.
You can't have one without the other.
It doesn't work any old way for it is always right to forgive.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2016-6-12)