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King Richard's in The Holy Land

Fighting his Crusade

BrotherJohn rules in England

Thinking he's got it made.

Robin Hood"s in the Greenwood

Fighting for peasants' rights

In his Lincoln Green jacket and

His form fitting tights.


He robs the rich to help the poor

But surely at some stage

He must keep a groat or  two

To pay a living wage:

For outlaws have their families 

And a not too placid life

If they don't feed the kids and

Give an allowance to the wife.


One thing  about the Greenwood

Living there removes the stress

Of cohabiting with a woman who

Decides it's time for a new dress.

And Marion drops in frequently

To partake of the Outlaw trade

And do the odd bit of cleaning

So old Robin's got it made.

There's Ox roast and Deer Stew

And many a Kings Beast

Spitted  and roasted

For their long evening feast,

And there's lot of carousing

And wild drunken nights 

And nobody seems to care

That Robin wears his tights.


Sir Guy's sitting in Nottingham

Seething with anger and hate

And plotting with the Sheriff

Who's become his bezzie mate.

When King Richard comes home

Will it bode evil or good

For the boys in Sherwood Forest

All led by Robin Hood?


Will there ever be a pardon.

Will they restore his name

Will Sir Robin of Locksley

Again be spoken without shame

And in his distant future

Will he yearn for those lost nights

Carousing in Sherwood Forest

In his form fitting tights.

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Richard And Robin