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When a person, creates and causes, deceit, gossip, and unrest
it creates great distance, disturbance,, and resistance, making you, want to restrict, and hold back your words, feelings, and trust, more not less

The everyday, challenges, and struggles, of communicating, with loved ones, family and frends, ,is sometimes a great challenge, 
with sometimes, the least little thing, of an argument, misunderstanding, or from anothers, deceit, and, gossip, will create and cause great unrest, and revenge

The communication, at first begins to stall
before the final falling out and fall

Then once words are exchanged in anger ,hurt, and pain
on the love, care and friendship, there is, such of an undeniable strain

For this i know to be true
it takes the stronger, more grounded, and faithful person, to step up, move forward, and reach out there hand in peace, So be the stronger, more faithful, person, reach, out your hand in peace, with grace and understanding, love compassion and care, with courage to reach out your faithful, hand and forgive, let go and let GOD, let that stronger, more faithful, and courageous brave person be faithfully, YOU

By john d jungers
13th of  JUNE 2016

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When a person, creates, and causes unrest