Walkin on Air

Wizard of Joss

It doesn't make sober sense,' she said,
‘because felling alien at home is decidedly odd.

Presidential oppression has been a driving force
in my quest to topple lethargy and dread,
and yet I fear understanding is available in scant measure,
regardless of any self-esteem one can muster:
hearts have grown cold, political winter-whiteouts harass
as identity crises culminate in souls suffering forlorn dreams
with visions of bankruptcy, moral insufficiency and a tad of glee?

What is a simple working girl to do, eh?
Once great, our nation is ruined, or so it seems;
how can I say it plainly? My mind is not too bright
and I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Mom used to say,
but all the wizardry hurled at baffled citizens could be
misconstrued as an obfuscating gambit to control us all;
don't you agree, Barak dear?

Barak, I've got a feeling we are not in USA anymore!'

by Oraculus on June 8.  © All rights reserved

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Wizard of Joss

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