Walkin on Air

Wafted Truancy

Bzzz; bzz; bzz confounded alarm!

My dream was just so perfect
and now: off to school in banal obedience;
barring the ritual morning acrobatics,
somehow I feel a different mode encroach;
secret summer simmer seduces my averse gait:
humming bees, tweeting birds, aromatic flowers
in unison persuade me to jump ship and wander,
just soaking sunshine-slurps of surging hormones
regained from the broken morning fantasy.

Crimson and clover bribe me to seek adventure,
mayhap a creature lovely on yon path appears?
Ha! Regurgitating cows, bleating sheep and distant laughter
rise in a crescendo of intoxicating sound, vainly crowned
as unfriendly school-bell clangs stimulate adrenalin rushes:
excitement of defiance blends with discovery: an angelic creature
seated in the grass, shyly masked in a berry-bush;
she has her back to me; blood surges to my limbs
and I bumble forward intent to introduce myself gallantly,
when suddenly she turns her head: our classroom teacher!

Bzzz; bzz; bzz confounded alarm!

by Oraculus on June 8.   All rights reserved

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Wafted Truancy

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