Walkin on Air

Wait a Spell

So much time spent as I wait.
Oh, why is my Savoir late?
Climb yonder hill without end,
seek relief at the next bend.

Global hearts enter autumn,
winter is not far behind:
cold and loveless bottom
whence come memories unkind…

I did not understand
delay is not denial,
but merely God's other hand
allowing faith's trial.

It's now clear, don't you see
through death's hopeless thick haze,
Jesus past time sets free
Lazarus, lifeless four days!

Right away I took courage
to face my doubts and fear,
opened my word-storage,
came to my Master near.

There is nowhere to hide,
our walk with Lord Jesus
defeats all human pride:
in Lovelight God sees us!

by Oraculus on September 16, 2015.  © All rights reserved

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Wait a Spell

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