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Broken Sinner

I stand a broken sinner
with no place to go.
My sins have no answer
from a God I do not know.

I wander through life's desert
my sins consuming me.
I cannot stop the pain I feel
I'm chained and can't be free.

I cast myself upon the ground
with screams that will not end.
In emptiness is how I live
alone without a friend.

In darkness I hear laughter
a peace I cannot find.
It keeps me up both day and night
it's burning up my mind.

What can I do, what can I do
in me there's always strife?
If I can't bear this pain
I'll surly take my life.

I filled myself with drugs
tears scalding my eyes.
Without a will to live
I've given up my tries.

Now I lay down to sleep
darkness covers me.
Through a Vail some call death
a mighty fortress's what I see.

Peace like none I've ever known
surrounds me as I slept.
Gentle hands pick me up
and calmed me as I wept.

I am here and always been
your sins I took away.
My Father sent Me to the cross
so to Him you can pray.

With His hands He touched me
He slowly woke me up.
He helped me stand once again
drink from His living cup.

I found that He's the answer
to all that worries me.
With Jesus by my side
now I am truly free.

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Broken Sinner

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