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Angel at 17

He was just 17
Just a normal kid
Not really
He had seen so much
 Done so much
Some things good
Some things bad
I guess most of us have by this time
Like me
He never seemed to fit in anywhere
He was either
Too fat
Too smart
Or simply too much
No, he wasn’t into sports
And he had so much trouble with his grades
He wasn’t as lucky as I was
But he worked so much harder
To get the grades that he did get
It seemed he worked hard at everything
And he had so many plans
He knew what he wanted to do after school
He had already met the girl of his dreams
They were going to spend their lives together
Together learning what life could be
They had already started a family
Though no one knew but them at the time
He was growing up so quickly
We were doing that together
That’s what Best Friends do
Everything was going great
Until that night
When I got the phone call
There had been an Accident
Yeah right
A single shot from his own gun
In his own apartment
And suddenly
For him it was over
The gun accidentally went off
They were just fooling around
And of course
The police believed that
The hole that was made
The day that you left
I know will never be filled
I carried you to the graveyard
And held your mother as she cried
She never did understand
Why it was her son that had to leave
I guess none of us did
And probably never will
I sometimes sit here and wonder
If somewhere in this world
Your son or daughter is out there
And hopefully you are there as well
 To watch them
As only an angel can do
Ed Roberts 8/4/06
I am not sure when I started this poem
It could have been years ago
Sometimes it takes more than time
To merely survive the words

(For Dennis Qualls)

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Angel at 17