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I have listened to your flowery words,
Extolling Liberty and freedom ...
Fairness and human dignity,
I see you only as a hypocrite and bigot,
The one who limits me,
The devil who prevents me from being free,
You can not make me your n_-ger,
I won't submit to being any man's slave,
I'm prepared to kill,
Or be...
Dispatched and sent to my grave,
I'll fight against your poisonous bite,
Standing in the shadow of your liberty,
Freedom needing,
I am bleeding ...
Dying from the venum,
Of your wickedness and insanity,
Casting shade,
White supremacy is,
The darkness that envelopes you...
Wielding muskets and blades,
Land of the free...
A prison for the enslaved,
I smell your fear,
I see you shake and quiver,
Anticipating the death blow,
That I promise to deliver,
And I can't wait to take...
Your life...
In the field...
In the big house as you sleep,
You have sown the seeds...
Soon will be the time,
For the Reaper to reap,
The harvest spawned by your hate,
Too many hours,
Too many days,
Too many centuries,
Of terror filled memories,
Baring the worst indignities,
I'm the one you can't enslave,
Stalwart in pursuit of my...
And my peoples liberty,
A swift trip to my grave,
I stand unbowed...
I will not be your slave,
Knock my teeth out...
Scar my back,
But if you neglect to kill me...
I'll always fight back,
Death is better than the oppression of slavery,
As I stand.....
My heart bleeding,
In the shadow of your liberty,
On your fourth of July,

Habib Abu Lateef.

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