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Many in our nation love to watch and hear fireworks
The beautiful colors, sparking patterns and sounds
The loud explosions with their shock waves rippling

But there are those of us who have fought in wars
And fireworks are nothing more than flashbacks to us
Reminiscent of the deadly mortars and rockets in war

For three weeks now I've been listening to fireworks
They are not the little ones that homeowners fire off
Michigan changed it's laws allowing for bigger ones

When the neighbors lite them off our windows rattle
The concussion blasts are too close to those in war
My heart has tried many times to leap from my chest

I have explained to all of my neighbors about PTSD
And how traumatic these last three weeks have been
Leading up to the 4Th but they don't care it's fun

So I'll spend my time down in my basement on the 4TH
With my headphones on playing my calming music Cd's
This old man's tickers not as great as it once was

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

Some people are extremely self centered with no compassion
for other human beings and what they have been through or
have faced in life, but I also have to wonder how they'd
feel if our own lives were reversed and it was them who'd
faced all of the events I had and still have to live with
while having the nightmares that I have had to live with
for the last 48 years and I was the one shooting off all
of those jumbo fireworks and that I couldn't care less as
to how it might affect them for these three long weeks.
If you call the police they just say that it's the state of
Michigan who'd changed those laws concerning all of the
fireworks used here in our state and the local rules say
they can shoot them off until 11:00PM at night yet they're
still going off now even at 3:30AM in the morning. I have
always been a patriot, but sometimes all of the fireworks
are an extremely hard thing to deal with when your just an
old washed up warrior from some ancient war that was fought
before most of my young neighbors were even born or they do
not care at all just how these extremely loud fireworks can
or do affect some old man who had served his time in hell so
many years ago in a war in some far off jungle land on the
other side of the world or how it might affect him today.

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