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Can't say sorry forever

I said I was sorry, I ate humble pie,

I'd no need to do that, you fostered a lie,

Mountains from molehills, you're so good at that,

Blame where there's no blame, turn lies into fact.


Turn friendship to romance, turn talking to love,

See things that are not there to make you feel good,

But it doesn't feel good so a backlash comes next,

A spiteful tirade, a calamitous vexed.


Can't bear to be wrong, can't see your mistake,

Can't deal with the truth, turn love into hate,

Your favours on strings, the games that you play,

You hold out a hand, then pull it away.


Well, I've had enough, you can do what you like,

I'm packing my bags, I'll be gone by tonight,

Don't bother phoning, my email has changed,

Can't say sorry forever, won't say sorry again.


© Joseph G Dawson