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Love will come to stay

Five star evening with a five star moon,

Five star lover in a five star room,

Five star stockings in a five star dress,

Five star tingling on a five star bed.


Five star treatment by a five star pool,

Five star waiter in a five star suit,

Five star bubbles in a five star glass,

Five star caviar, five star dance.


Five star fingers touching five star lips,

Five star passion, burning five star kiss,

Five star quickie, in a five star slip,

Five star pulling up a five star zip...


...Dreams are what love is made of but dreams

Can so often mislead giving rise to expectations

Far beyond the remit of a reckless flame. Words

Uttered in the heat of embrace may cool in the

Light of the day, yet the dream lives on oftentimes

Hurting for years to come. Likewise, the tender

Moments of first-meeting may be all there is and

Ever will be yet again, the dream persists and the

Heart that wants to believe finds reasons to



Naturally, I can only speak for myself, but do

Beware of haste; haste leads to compromise

And compromise leads to disappointment. If

Love wants you love will find you no matter

Where you are and one day, I am certain love

Will come to stay.

© Joseph G Dawson