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Once, if you’re very lucky
Formally: Back to sex


'Sex is OK, but it's not as good as the real thing,'

Something from the eighties, when silly quotes

Such as the above were popular in the press.

'Everywhere the world is in chains - smash the

Cistern' was another. But, I digress, back to sex,

Or more accurately love.


I was thinking today about how many times in a

Lifetime might one be bowled over by love. I'm

talking here about real love, a lust to be together,

To belong, to never be out of one another's sight.

A destiny thing, a heart felt punctuation, when

One becomes two, and two becomes…


A blessed increment of critical import from which a

Family may spring, a union of hearts, the coupling

Of body, mind and soul. Hardly surprising then that

Such a wonder be celebrated in every corner of the



But how many times might it happen, and what is

This romantic sorcery, and from whence does it

Spring? Sorry, but I do not profess to know, all I

Can do is turn the pages of my own experience,

Wherein perhaps there may be sufficient light

To satisfy my own curiosity.


Love, how you bamboozle me, tempt me, torment

Me, can there be no escape from thy clutches, no

Way that I may be free from this ache in my heart?

How does she do this to me, and with what fairy dust

Does she sprinkle sleepless nights, empty days and

A longing that will not go away until I am with her.


Our eyes met in a moment of quizzical silence, hearts

Stopped, and when they started again, the world had

Changed forever. Our bodies ached to be together,

Unable to say goodnight without at least a dozen

Favours to break the spell. Turn, wave, dash back

For one more kiss, one more boost of confidence

Until tomorrow night. Her warmth through my shirt,

A woman pressed against me, her heart in my hand

And mine in hers. Sweet love, sweet promise of

Nights and a life to come...


How many times in a lifetime might one be bowled

Over by real love? Well, once if you're very lucky.


© Joseph G Dawson