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There’s tension in the room,

A feeling of despair,

I feel so very guilty,

Yet I need to face her.

Like a small urchin waif

She stands there crying

I feel my heart is breaking

But I have to end the lying.


She deserves so much better 

Than I am able to give

She needs the chance

To start once more to live.

She needs a lover

I only need a friend 

So very sadly 

This relationship must end.


I hand her the key

To her apartment door

Which her lifeless fingers

Let drop to the floor.

If i stay any longer 

My resolve will break;

This decision was 

So very hard to make.


There had to come a time

When I had to move on; 

I close the door behind me, 

And with regret have gone.

Her sobs follow me

Down the stairs onto the street

The outer door slams closed and

Another chapter of my life is complete

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Leaving II