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Frikkies And Fries


Frikkies and Fries in Cochem,

Just off the town square,

Washed down with a cold Pils,

Breathing clear Mosel air.

Such a very pleasant place

Relaxed and sitting down

Taking in the beauty of

This very ancient town.


This town of changing allegiance,

This town of chequered past,

Now settled in place again,

As part of Germany at last.

Buildings ancient or restored,

Like the Old Mustard Mill

Now a tourist attraction

But a working building still,


Nudge and nestle to the river,

No sign of damage from a war

That almost killed a town, damaged

 To an extent never seen before.

This is a pleasant little place

Where I feel so at ease

To stroll gently around

To do just as I please.


A stroll down the hill 

The Mosel in full view

To check the ice parlour

For what flavours are new.

Every visit there brings

Such pleasant tasty surprise

 That just adds to the joy of 

Spicy Frikkies and Fries.

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Frikkies And Fries