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The Golden Key that unlocked my heart's door.

Different versions: My Angelic Visitors (Poem hunter) & All Poetry (The Golden Key) I will check it out to see if I got the title right!
The earliest version is, "The Keys to My Heart's Door, could be found on Poetry.com Previous 2012 poems. I will check this out also.
I wrote the All Poetry version as part of a contest poem.  Why am I submitting another updated version here? I want to share it with you.

My radio's clock's red digital displayed was 12 o'clock midnight.
Since I could not sleep, I quickly got up on my two feet.
I heard someone gently knocking on my apartment's door.
I was certainly surprised when I beheld two of God's
majestic angels before my very own eyes.
I was so blinded by their beauty, I could barely see.

They were clothed in white linen gowns of shimmering white.
Did I perceive some thing was not right?
The angel standing on my right, held a blue
velvet gift box in his hand.

Suddenly, he spoke very calmly to me. "Roxanne, I would like
for you to try and understand. What is inside this gift box is a free
gift to you from the Son of Man. For a long time, he has been
wanting to take you by his hand.  

I was as dumbfounded as I could possibly be! "How much will
his gift cost me?' "Roxanne, this gift from the Son of Man
is free! Why then do you not want to believe me! If you do not
accept this free gift, we will leave your apartment's door.
We will come back--never more.

I could not believe my ears, the angles' message was very clear.
The angel placed the blue velvet gift box in my right hand.
"Do you want to accept this free gift from Jesus Christ, the Son of Man?'
When I opened up the gift box, I was surprised at what I saw before
before my eyes.

Instead the blue velvet gift box was a golden key that unlocked my heart's
door! I loudly proclaimed,"My God and my LORD! Help me please!
I feel down upon both knees. "For a long time Jesus Christ, has
been knocking at your heart's door. Your golden key will let
Him inside forever more."

The angels vanished from my sight, but time did stand still.
Deep inside my heart I felt a thrilling sensation. I would
proclaim the good news throughout all the nations!

Love in Christ Jesus!
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
aka Roxy54/ October Country
July 19, 2017
poet 111/3385

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