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In the refuge of the night

Sometimes life isn't quite what we'd like it to be

From the outside all looks fine, but inside it may

Be tinder dry desperately hopeing for a match to

Set it afire again but the matches are wet and the

Striker peeled away ages ago leaving two lonely

People plodding their way through life each

Believing the other is to blame


Once upon a time these two souls couldn't keep

Their hands off each other and now they hardly

Speak. It's so long since she knew a man or he

Knew a woman. Tears dry faster these days

Eyes look down and away never daring to meet

Resignation has set in and the house weeps


The porch isn't what it used to be either, warmth

Has packed its bags and this once treasured space

Where two former lovers loved to watch the night life

Come to life has become a chore. Now they sit apart

Each staying out of the others way. What the lightning

Bugs and other creatures of the night do now is no

Concern of theirs


Yet within each there is a spark that cannot be

Extinguished. A spark that haunts them both especially

With the setting of the sun. A time of reflection, a time

When happier times come to mind and moments

Long past creep back into being. It is no coincidence

That he chances a glance in her direction safe in the

Knowledge her back is turned and likewise she too

Risks the briefest of moments in that other world when

A curtain moves or a kitchen door is ajar


In the refuge of the night there is time to dwell, time to

Think back to better times when love was young and

Promises made were going to be kept at least they thought

So. The warm still air and the magic of the night took them

Both by surprise, a bottle of wine appeared followed by two

Glasses and in time two hearts said sorry both for the tempers

And the neglect. But what did old wounds matter now for they

Had found each other again and as the lightning bugs lit their

Way back inside she fell into his arms and he into hers…


©Joseph G Dawson


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