Penciled Thoughts

I think of all the things
I could say to you .
but when I get a chance
it's something I don't do.

I struggles for the words
that will make you smile.
and maybe you might be
around me for a while.

but I am just a fool
who's words are to the air.
and they lose their meaning
the ones that says I care.

So I will sit and wonder
what magic words to say.
That might make you smile
and turn your heart my way.

But when I get a chance
my words they are so blind.
I can never say
just what is on my mind.

I love you to no end
it something I will do.
If you don't believe a thing I say
believe that I love you.

But just like you
I think about the past.
Then I run away
a broken heart I cast.

Deveri you are to me
what I've never had before.
But because of my craziness
you walk right out the door.

I am really trying
to be nothing like him.
But as I run my mouth
my future with you looks dim.

I try to find the words
to tell you how I feel.
not one ever comes around
not a word is real.

So I will bow my head
to hide my saddest tears.
The ones I will shed
for years, n years, n years.

In my foolishness
I stumble round n round.
I've finally given up
and lay here on the ground.

I think of all the things
that I could say to you.
But when I get a chance
it's something I don't do.

I hope someday I'm able
you're my heart's desire.
To say the words that are so real
And not show you a liarů

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