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It's been many decades since I fought in Vietnam
There were times when my grandson questioned me
Grandpa what was it like to fight in a real war?

I knew that question would be asked of me some day
And I had often wondered just what would I say then
How do we explain what happen in the Vietnam War?

You see things that you can't even imagine at all
So much pain and suffering we all had to deal with
The insanity that is war is felt by both sides

Too many young boys facing the worst thing in life
While back in Washington they never seem to learn
From the lessons of war they were safe back in DC

Never seeing the terrible acts that were carried out
We had rules of engagement that we all had to follow
While our enemies did whatever they wanted to in war

Killing civilians, old men, old women and children
They killed to kill without any rhyme or reasons
If it breathed they killed it with no remorse or guilt

Yet we were always held to extremely high standards
As to how we conducted ourselves with everyone there
Many of us risked our own lives to save civilians

My buddies and I spent our free time helping orphans
The innocent victims whose parents and families died
We wrote home for clothes, canned goods and kids toys  

We'd tried throughout our year long tour there to help
But those at home like the protesters & reporters lied
Telling everyone that we were baby killers and murders

That we had killed just for the cheap thrill we all got
These morons caused more pain and suffering than the VC
We had come home glad to have survived only to be scorned

And now some 49 years later I still have my own nightmares
From those terrible days and nights when I was 21 yrs. old
Far from home for the first time trying to save the world

As I look at the pictures of my own grandchildren now
Who think that their own Papa is a really funny old man
Who is very silly, yet I know some day they'll ask me too

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.


I hope and pray that some day mankind will learn the lessons of war
and find a way to get along with each other and live in peace and
never have to sacrifice so many innocent lives ever again. I never
want my grandson or my three granddaughters to ever have to know
the pain and suffering that so many people in this crazy world of
ours have already felt in their own lives in the past wars that we
have fought to defend freedom in our own world.

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