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Breaking a Glass Heart

Breaking a glass heart

Within a beautifully shaped glass
Upon a table of finest oak
With sweet aromas filling the air
And laughter and private whispers
An uncomfortable silence stares
Invisible, like all silences are
Yet incredibly powerful
Like steel wires on a puppet
Controlling and manipulative
Like all silences are
It sits deep within
Nestles within your heart
Buries into your bones
Aches within your muscles
The silence becomes words now
“how did love go so wrong?”
Frustration, anger, resentments
Intertwined with stitches of emotions
An unbearable fatigue
Pride? Love? Hope?
Something keeps you going
A mountain of denial
A Mountain range of excuses
Until you can't take anymore
You need to find a solution
A cure, answers, it has to stop!
And there, upon this table
Within a heart shaped glass
Is the solution to everything
But to get it, to reach it
You must smash it!
And the deal with the pieces
The consequences
Of breaking a glass heart.

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Breaking a Glass Heart