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Things I once conceived of value,
Now considered worthless for Christ;
Differently how I construe,
Not letting me to be enticed.
But it is way far more than that,
Since everything is worthless;
For Heaven is my habitat,
Where Jesus Christ my Lord does bless.
All because of Him that I think,
How worthless is everything;
No longer will I smoke or drink,
For the lack of pleasure they bring.
So I just gave it all away,
In order so I could gain Christ;
No longer will let it me stray,
Letting pleasures be sacrificed.
I am no longer feeling grim,
For God gave me His approval;
Of a relationship with Him,
Confessing for sin removal.
The approval through faith in Christ,
Not merely obeying His Laws;
And to stop becoming enticed,
That causes us with making flaws.
Approval is coming from God,
Being based on faith knowing Christ;
Because we will honor and laud,
As to why Christ was sacrificed.
Though we do not know the hour,
We know that Christ is coming back;
But our faith knows the power,
That He has but that we do lack.
Through each day with every breath,
What it means capable to share;
I became like Him in His death,
With confidence how much I care.
I have not quite yet reached my goal,
Nor have I completed the course;
I am doing it for my soul,
Since Christ is my strength and my source.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer

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