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Navel Display

I am singing Rule Britannia

Navel gripping the Union Jack

And I swear, ma'am I'm saluting

As I lie here  on my back.

And I have sailed the seven Seas

In your service. My old dear Queen

And I have seen some sights

That I wish I'd never seen.

But all is fair in love and war

In this land of hope and glory

So I drink my tea unsweetened,

Hum the theme to Jackanory,

Sing a song of sixpence and

Touch my forelock to any Tory,

For I know my place ma'am

Can't think of anything odder

Than not accepting  my position

As working class cannon fodder.

My lungs are asbestos ridden

Thanks to a penny pinching boss

But I realise to you dear ma'am

I'm just a Benefit scrounging loss.

So I' m resting here in hospital

Just waiting to quietly die

Which I am assured will happen

In the very near by and by.

Every now and then
I'm wracked by a cough

And both my arms are rotten

And one recently dropped off,

So I swear I am saluting, ma'am,

As I lie here on my back

With my navel tightly clenched

To display the Union Jack.

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Navel Display