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Fidel And Che. (American Dreams)


American dreams from early life

Of a trusted but flawed friend

Varying from love to hate,

Always back to love in the end.

They came down from the hills 

The forces of Fidel and Che

A rebel  army which finally 

Swept that dictatorship away.

A schoolboy at the time

I Heard the developing story

The liberation of the people

Felt a sense of awe and glory.


To the Man in the White Hat

It was a very dangerous trend 

For Batista and his elite were

America's backyard friends.

The downfall  of a Dictator 

Maybe starting a fatal process

The Domino Effect they called it,

That never had much success,

The spread of communism

Feared all the world around

Contagion that cold result in

Capitalism coming tumbling down,


Close to the start of the Cold War

When we were fed hate and fear

That the world revolution

Was drawing ever more near.

The Man in the White Hat

The new bully of the schoolyard

Took defeat of their man

A bitter insult swallowed hard

And when Fidel asked for aid

They reacted with pique and rage

Driving Cuba into Russia's arms

Thus changing the world's stage.

The backyard was contaminated 

And for many many years

The world was split in two

By prejudice distrust and fear.

A dangerous situation 

To be exploited more and more,

More  and more resources poured

into  propaganda of the Cold War.

Che died in distant Bolivia

One of my  heroes gone:

But in little isolated Cuba

Fidel's Revolution carried on.


The Man in the Black Hat 

Became a figure of hate

Little Cuba being regarded as 

A dangerously pariah state.

Fidel and Che came from the hills

To feed  paranoia and fear

Two opposing philosophies splitting 

The world for many a turbulent year.


History troubles me these days,

The world in a a less than peaceful state

And my American Dreams vary, to shift

In between mostly love, but sometimes hate.

















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Fidel And Che