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I'm a child of times when 

Success was rotund and fat

But modern Medical Science

Soon put an end to that.

In an age of calorie counters

Where slimness is the rule

To be more than sylph like 

Is to be an Ignorant fool.

They are all in this together:

My earnest doctor  said

Lose a lot of weight mate or

Soon you'll wake up dead.

I am struggling with the concept

Though many pounds the lighter

For I may not be many thing

But I'm certainly a fighter.


The thing with which I struggle, 

That alien concept to me,

Can you believe in a thing

You've not been able to see.

They've found the Higgs Bosu

Before that the exotic Quark

But has anyone seen a calorie

In that modern science park.

There seems to be no logic,

Zillions in a thing quite small

Yet something so much larger

Contains few if any at all.

Does the calorie mutate

To so vary in its size;

Is it all an illusion

Fabricated by sales lies?

It's just a modern witchcraft 

To make us buy and spend

All in the cause and effort of

Small stomach and rear end.

Being a gullible idiot

I went and fell for if

All of my jeans are now

Far to big to fit.


I've acquired modifications

To my sense of taste

Cut out my favoured things

Lost inches from my waist.

I want crisps by the ton

A double portion of chips

Sure as hell it would go

Straight around my hips.

I'm smaller, leaner and fitter. 

They say I'll live much longer 

But is it really worth it when 

My hunger just gets stronger.

I'm a child of my times

Though I'm fighting all of that

But I was a lot more cheerful

When big rotund and fat

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