Keeper Of The Flame
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The sunset tumbled into the dark of night
Leaving the faintest of rays where it had been.
The countryside slowly faded out of sight
Disappearing as the darkness settled in


The world came alive with a million tiny lights
Blinking, twinkling in the meadow and glen.
The fireflies glimmered out of sheer delight
To dance the light fantastic once again


From my window I try to peer thru the gloom
Where curling wisps of mist ebb and flow
I am settled in so warm and snug in my room
As the creatures of the night come and go


Maybe later I'll go out and gaze at the stars.
Sometimes a falling star will go flickering by.
On rare occasions I catch a glimpse of Mars,
And Venus brightens the early evening sky


The darkness wraps me in a blanket of calm
The companionship of night warms my soul.
A soft and gentle breeze is a soothing balm.
My mind rids itself of daytime's heavy toll


As dew begins to form on the cooling ground
I take leave of the old friend.
I believe this night I shall fall asleep so sound
That I dream of fireflies and darkness once again

-_- 08-23-2016 -_-

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