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Just Go

Just go and leave the way you want to so badly but are afraid to.

You must really want to go because you say that you will enough.

Things get sticky or painful and then you want out.

Things get complicated and you become an ice princess with the coldest heart I ever have had to feel.

The arctic tundra could not be that cold.

I will survive and and I will stand on my own.

I would rather be alone than live in this fear anymore.

You feel second class?

It is called life.

You have always been the first thing I think of when something happens.

You say you are not.

How would you know you have already made up your mind.

You want apologies but will never say I am sorry, forgive me.  Saying you owe me an apology does not get it.

I hate this constant conflict of not knowing where I stand from owner day to another.

So if you want to leave then just go.

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Just Go