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Greyhound's Lament

you think you know me
but you don't

the thread of words between us grows thinner
each and every day

you think you know me
but you guess at best
its your habit
your latest custom
an unforgiving way

your ears no longer listen
they only serve to hold your expression to your face

you think you know me
but you've forgotten how to ask
and inquiry is the only way to
really know

you think you know me
but after next morning's light
I'll be gone
you'll be left alone

the clock will remind you how time has passed so quickly
and the mirror may reflect how we once
looked into each others' face

you think you know me
but you've forgotten how to ask
the important questions

all that remains will be the  memories
and soon those too will fade
and be erased

Copyright August 27 2016
All Rights Are Reserved By This Author
All Legal Copyright to this original work are held by this Author
All Legal copyright are held to this site title by this Author
Meloo/Melissa A Howells straight from her Tilt-a-World

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