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Pay your debts as they come due,
Owe nobody anything;
But the debt of love if true,
Pays interest that will bring.
The one who loves another,
Has fulfilled what Moses taught;
Treating them like a brother,
Even strangers you have sought.
So you must love your neighbor,
Just as you loving your own;
Helping them with their labor,
Assured that God will condone.
Love never does anything,
That is considered harmful;
It will cause the heart to sing,
Making you feel more cheerful.
You know the times that we live,
As time for you to wake up;
So show your love and forgive,
Drink not poison from your cup.
Stop being just mindless sheep,
For in knowing the season;
So awake out of your sleep,
By giving your life reason.
The night is almost over,
And the day is very near;
Go find a four-leaf clover,
But rid of what you hold dear.
For those things are of the dark,
Take up the weapons of light;
Carry them where you embark,
While doing what is right.
We should all live decent lives,
Living in the light of day;
Waiting for when Christ arrives;
Through love to trust and obey.
Live like the Lord Jesus Christ,
Forget about desires;
Willing to be sacrificed,
From which darkness acquires.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Neighborly Love