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Mildred's Mobile

Mildred Smith was home alone
When she got eaten by her mobile phone:
Or at least it did, it drained her mind
For a gibbering wreck was all they could find
Sitting there just slavering and drooling.
At first they thought that she was fooling
Until they got no response
After asking her more than once
Would she like her mum to make
A cup of tea and her favourite came,
A thing she'd never before refused
Even when being at her most obtuse.
Her eyes rolled blankly in her head
As if all her circuits had gone dead.
Her smart phone just sat and glowered
Over charged to being super powered?
Muttering and murmuring at a frantic rate 
Consume destruct annihilate.
It seemed it had gone and grown
A super mind all of its own
Until it gave a dreadful shout
And expired as its power ran out.
Now Mildred sits for ever alone 
Sitting and cuddling the useless phone
That had destroyed her central phylum
Condemned to life in an asylum.
The lesson from this soon unfurled
Those too long in the cyber world 
Maybe spend their lives in a daze.
Brain destroyed by gamma rays
They roam around that growing band 
Cell phones clasped in one hand
In their heads just empty space.
Is this the end of the human race?
Moving towards extermination
To Brain death from radiation
On its way to join the dinosaur 
Soon to roam this earth no more.
So, addicted users take more care
Heed this case and beware
And if you gibber and salivate
For you it could be far too late.


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Mildred`s Mobile