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The Crush-Up

Treasure dissipated,
unlocked, unhinged, unchained,
Unexplainable how one could lead you on
With no intentions of ever dating you…
One who, might've had their eye on another all along

A 2-year long crush all dissolved into nothing
Like Alka-Seltzer fizzing in a minuscule sea of aqua
Laced with self-blame for idealizing a really flawed individual
Who left nothing but a litany of mixed signals after signals…

Who flirted but never meant it
Who hinted but never pursued,
Where trust ensued but truth alluded
Where lust was apparent but never materialized
A premise of hope all meteorite-d with an image
Of Him and Her on social media
I mean-to-her, he's hers, right?
But-to-me, he could've been mine
In my wistful cloud of shrines

But it's ok,
Supposedly, I've Sprung on to a new Love, did I not?
And still, look back, feeling like I wasted my time,
Fantasizing over a fantasy man which wasn't feasible
One who represented ideals in a mate
That one could mistake
As a family-man, as God-fearing - the nine yards,
Just causing these sodden tears that won't flow for this loss of
what I've never had…
what I could never have
what was never meant to be
what was never meant for me

[Kari-Ty wit-ten on 9/5/16]

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