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Where is God

Where is God
Where is God? Let's explore that question
Before you give up can I make a suggestion
First ask yourself would you even recognize
The face of God if placed right before your eyes
Have you taken the time to take a deeper look
Most people never thought to read and study His book
It reveal His attributes, His character, and love
And answers every human need that you could think of
We see the worlds condition and we look to place blame
And expect the unknown God to make it all change
Death and destruction, sickness and disease
Where is God as we battle all of these
He said he never leave us, so what's the deal
How can He explain the loneliness we feel
So lets explore the question with spiritual eyes
I'd  be willing to bet you'll be surprised
The Lord say He has supplied all of ours needs
Even the direction around pride and greed
So where is the supply to rid man of cancer
Somewhere on this earth He supplied the answer
Maybe a young man alone in a jail cell
Who was always taught he was too bad even for hell
Or maybe a top executive so wrapped up in greed
Still waiting for the right demand to supply the need
Where is god when a innocent child killed
By another child who found the gun fun to feel
Was the answer in the mother who refused to hear
When grandmother advised to keep the children near
Where is God while terrorist recruit the young and restless
And police officers stock up on bullet proof vest
He was there in the school helping form those young minds
But if you look there today you'd be hard-pressed to find
I watched a father in a park walking his child one day
He warned the young child not to pull his hand away
But the child continued to rebel without care
When struck by a skater, the father was right there
Who would you blame for the child's injuries?
The father who warned of what the child couldn't see?
Where is God you ask, He is all around
Saying don't pull away or you will fall down
The all wise Father is always there
And has given us the answer we refused to hear

J. Moore

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Where is God