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Not Quite GI Blues

West Berlin, a significant place
Where life was lived at a frantic pace.
Me and Old Elvis together through the night

In those days when I saw things
In stark  black or white,

And me and Old Elvis Singing The Blues

As I got stonked on smuggled in booze,

And me and Old Elvis both gave thanks 

That those nearby Ruskies, sat in their tanks,

Hadn't  loaded up, cocked and opened fire

To blast away those miles of border razor wire

So their T54's could roll on down

To unite again this four part divided town.

It had been one hell of a long day
Convincing the locals we were here to stay

Counteracting the rumour the Ruskies had put about

That the Froggs, Pomms and Yanks were all pulling out.

And now me and Old Elvis on the night shift
Music, fags and booze giving me a lift 

Heartbreak Hotel, Blue Suede Shoes

As me Old Elvis listened to AFN News

Kenneday and Kruschev juggling nuclear knives

Not very mindful of loss of millions of lives

Both of seemed to be  trying so hard

To be top dog in the big school yard.

Me and Old Elvis sitting through the night

Just waiting for the coming of dawn's light,

The morning sun burning away the mist 

So l could go and get Brahms and Liszt.

Night watch shift listening to the blues

One of the perks, I got to choose.

Me and Old Elvis holding the line

Duty Watch commander, British Army Of The Rhine.

West Berlin 1962

Another night shift finally through!


God how l loved my days of the long Cold War 

They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

Both Elvis and the cold War are now long gone, 

We still don't have the sense to quietly move on.

It seems these days the egos have got bigger

And too many fingers rest on too many triggers.

They issued a chocolate medal just for being there

One of those things I just don't bother to wear.


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Not Quite GI Blues