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"Can't Find"

The park is full of atmosphere,
with air so crisp & clean.
It's times like this I realize,
how well the birds can sing.

For those of you in Love right now,
the world seems so bright.
But some of us are lonely,
and our life's as dark as night.

Don't ask us to explain our self's,
with such beauty all around.
Why we can't find Love's sweet touch,
that answer brings us down.

It's not because that we don't try,
Oh Lord, you know we do.
But to try and Fail so many times,
our heart just breaks in two.

Each day we take another look,
at the face we call our own.
Looking for an answer too,
how come were so alone.

Staring deep inside our eyes,
another tear drop falls.
Another wasted moment,
for the mirror on the wall...

Tom Allen...