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I sit and watch your nervous face,
it shows more than you tell.
Your cigarette just burns away,
you live a life that's Hell.
Your eyes look up and glance around,
their followed by a stare.
You grab your glass and gulp it down,
but still he isn't there...
You stand and turn then start to walk,
but then you change your mind.
You know he isn't coming,
but you have some extra time.
You fiddle with your lighter,
as you order one more drink.
The muscles in your body,
Start to twist from LOVE and HATE...
Don't think about the reasons why,
or what their might have been.
The way he set you up to fall,
is worse than any sin.
Each hour brings more memories,
more tears to cry in vain.
You try and act like nothing's wrong,
But your eyes can't hide the pain...
So you push aside your feelings,
as you gather up your strength.
You want to call him up to say,
what you really think.
Instead you grab your purse and coat,
and head out in the night.
You park your car along the beach,
and watch the distance lights...

                                        Tom Allen...